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Stem aesthetic lineTM is a professional therapy for solving problems with alopecia and skin regeneration. This therapy, which is based on stem essenceTM - human stem cell extract, is for professional use only.


Research and production

We have been developing the stem aesthetic lineTM for two years, first within the parent company JPD Group and then as Dytrt Biotech. We have our own development background with a team of experienced experts in the fields of nanotechnology, biochemistry and medicine, and at the same time we work closely with leading professional workplaces. At present, our experts are already working on the preparation of another product line using the active ingredient stem essenceTM.

The production of our preparations takes place in a strictly certified conditions of good manufacturing practice in the cosmetic industry - GMP according to DIN EN ISO 22716: 2007 and in quality management certification ISO 9001: 2015

About company

We are a young biotechnology company connected by financial activities and personnel with the JPD Group, which has a very successful history of more than 15 years and which is involved in a wide range of activities - from trade, through production and development in various industries.

Developments in the field of new technologies led the co-owner of JPD Group, Mr. Pavel Dytrt, to nanotechnologies, which he applied in several areas of JPD Group's business and especially in DYTRT Biotech.


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DYTRT Biotech, s.r.o.

Hronovická 437
530 02 Pardubice
Czech Republic


IČ: 09743090
DIČ: CZ09743090

The company is registered in the Commercial Register kept by the Regional Court in Hradec Králové under the designation C 46807

Radek Dytrt, CEO
Phone: +420 739 436 756

ing. Pavel Dytrt, manager
Phone: +420 737 751 345
e-mail: dytrt@dytrtbiotech.com

Luis Escobar,
manager (Spanish language)
Phone: +420 737 455 838
e-mail: escobar@dytrtbiotech.com